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    1. Origin of Pirarucu and environment

Fashion Pirarucu Homemade Ondemand Personalization

The pirarucu leather is coming from the skin of amazonian fish (called as well Arapaima in Europe). This fish is developed mainly for the food business. 

One of the specifities of pirarucu is his extremly resistant (the only fish that can resist to Piranha bites). It can measure 3m of high, for the weight of 500lb.



Skin properties in fashion

The skin is treated with natural product. The result is a resistant leather with unic sheel patern that will give you the insirance to get a unique product. The skin is resistant and waterproof, which is ensuring a long life to the product that you may bought. 

    Some specific dyes can be applied to get gradded color on the sheel.

        Usage by fregonezi

    The product that we are using are coming from certified productor, respecting environment and species. We love pirarucu, to create unique and long life product as a handbag that could accompagned you for the rest of your life.

    We love it on classic handbag that can be used for shopping or in the beach.



    Portuguese (Brazil)